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As Balgo, we are conducting different studies with an eye to diversify the use of Balgo Honey Spoons and particularly raise awareness for corporations which desire to be in cooperation with us by guiding our institutional relations with the principle of sustainability.

Reliability is the most basic feature we have adopted while delivering food to individuals. We know very well that ensuring reliability is the fundamental feature in making our products healthy, amusing, useful, and with versatile areas of usage. Our company’s being selected as the Ho.Re.Ca product in Netherlands in 2015 evidences the fact that Balgo Honey Spoon has achieved great success in places where food products are is marketed directly to consumers such as hotels, restaurants and cafes.

We are closely interested with companies who will transfer this confidence to their customers with our products. Please contact us, if you desire to develop your presentations with Balgo Honey Spoon, a healthy, amusing and intriguing product.

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Remember! Honey is one of the most imitated food products. Buy honey of only reliable brands and beware of counterfeits.